Wells Crab House Gins

A Juniper based adventure..... all served with FeverTree Tonic

Hendricks Gin
Premium gin distilled in Scotland with infusions of cucumber & rose. – £5.50 (41.4%)

Da Mhile Seaweed Gin (Silver Award 2018)
Triple Filtered Welsh Gin infused with Newquay Seaweed – £6.25 (42%)

Norfolk Black Shuck Gin
Uniquely combines Juniper, Coriander and Bitter Orange Peel with Norfolk's own Lavender and Sea Buckthorn– £6.00(43%)

Ophir Gin
Botanicals from the ancient spice route create a spiced unique gin– £5 (40%)

Bullard's Gin
Distilled in Norwich and 'voted worlds best dry Gin' is infused with Tonka beans and Botanicals– £6.50 (42.5%)

London Sipsmith
Copper distilled in small batches with ten botanicals. Bold, complex & aromatic – £6.10 (41.6%)

Adnams First Rate Triple Malt Gin
.An intriguing gin from Southwold's Adnams, made with a trio of locally grown grains for the base spririt - barley, wheat and oat. With botanicals including Vanilla, Caraway, Fennel, Orange, Lemon and Thyme and more...– £6.10 (45%)

Adnams Rising Sun
Different and Vibrant with Japenese Matchu Green Tea and an infusion of Lemongrass.– £6.10 (42%)/span>

Brooklyn New York
A vibrant and refreshing Gin made with hand cracked juniper and freshly cut citrus fruit – £6.10 (40%)

Pinkster Gin
Is an agreeably British affair with Raspberries infused from Cambridgeshire. Deliciously dry and smooth – £6 (37%)

Hoxton (London)
Made using the finest French Summer wheat and made naturally from ethnically sourced ingredients of coconut, grapefruit, iris, tarragon, ginger, juniper and distilled in 150 year old copper pots for a smooth and vibrant gin – £5.75 (40%)

Monkey 47 (Black Forest)
Using 47 botanicals this Gin is simply exeptional, huge, complex and rich. – £6.95 (47%)

Bullard's Strawberry & Pepper Gin
Sister to the dry Gin, this Gin is fresh and fruity with a twist of spice. – £6.50 (40%)

Tanqueray Rangpur
An exotic Gin made with Indian Citrus, Ginger, Bay Leaves and Citrus Zest. – £6.25 (41.3%)

Tiny Tipple Elderflower Gin - Suffolk
Grows in abundance in Norfolk & Suffolk, the delicate flowers are infused for minimal time and create a lovely summary tipple.– £5.45 (35%)

Archangel Rhubarb Gin
Each batch is unique as the flavour profile of the rhubarb develops over the Summer. We filter twice - but not too much!– £5.50 (20%)

Archangel Gin - Walsingham
Rich, full bodied, sophisticated gin containing thirteen botanicals including Norfolk juniper, sea buckthorn, angelica and holy water. – £6.00 (45%)

Oakvilla Vryheid Full Bodied Gin
Made in Wymondham, Vryheid is Afrikaans for Freedom. Combining locally pickled poppies, elderflower, peppers, lemon rind and orange blossom. Fragrant and citrusy with floral notes.– £6.95 (44%)

Ely Gin Chocolate Orange
Rich dark chocolate with sweet oranges and vanilla from the Fenlands. – £5.95 (30%)

KWV Cruxland Gin
This Gin boasts notes of fresh Juniper, almond, lemon, honey bush and further enhanced by coriander and spices. This is all backed up with the earthy notes imparted by the Kalahari truffles and Rooibos. – £6.50 (43%)

Seedlip Spice 94 and Garden 108- Non Alcoholic
This non-alcoholic spirit is a blend of six individually distilled botanicals crafted together to produce a sophisticated alternative to alcohol.. – £5.95 (0%)

Fisher's Gin
Using rare botanicals foraged from the Suffolk coast, this is a premium and elegant Gin that blends the sea with the coast.- £6.95 (44%)

Norfolk Black Shuck Blush
Subtle and sophisticated. It's beautiful colour and enchanting flavours have been created naturally through the gentle infusion of real fruits.– £6.00 (41%)

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin
This intriguing treat is the delicious result – £6.95 (41.8%)

Tom Cat Mango Gin
i>Dry Sussex Gin further enhanced with locally grown coriander together with mango.. – £6.75 (37.5%)

Wrecking Coast Clotted Cream Gin (Gold Award 2017)
Smooth on the palette and velvety rich in the mouth, our handcrafted, small batch clotted cream gin delivers a distinctly Cornish flavour. – £6.50 (44%)

Norfolk Black Shuck Passionfruit Gin
Distilled with botanicals including Passion fruit, Grapefruit and Elderflower and Lime Flower. – £6 (43%)

WHATaHOOT Dry Norfolk Gin
Made in Flitcham, this is a refreshing blend of traditional botanicals perfectly balanced with the iconic Norfolk flavours of sea samphire and lavender. – £6.95 (43%)

Cambridge Hedgepig Rampant Raspberry
A rich liquer produced with fresh Cambridgeshire raspberries grown locally.– £5.25 (33%)

Ely Gin Afternoon Tea
Made in The Fenlands using juniper and tea with lemons and honey– £5.95 (30%)

Norfolk Black Shuck Sloe Gin
A traditional sloe gin beautifully crafted from Norfolk Sloes – £6 (27%)

Cambridge Hedgepig Wild Bullace & Quince
A fruit Gin liquer made with Suffolk quince and bullace foraged from the hedgerows of East Anglia– £5.25 (30%)

Spit Roasted Pineapple Gin
Mouthwatering tropical fruit right from the start. Hints of honey, orange blossom and oily juniper. A couple of enjoyably sour pineapple notes develop on the mid- palate, perhaps some Lilt too....– £6.00 (40.1%)

Wells Crab House Gin Cocktail Menu and Mocktails

Pink Soother
Pinkster Gin, Limincello, Boozy Berries & Ginger Ale – £8

Lavender Martini
WhataHoot Gin, Martini & Lavender Syrup – £8

Chocolate Orange Sunrise
Ely Chocolate Orange Gin, Orange, Grenadine and Tequila Sorbet– £8

Gin Chewit
Ely Vanilla & Almond Vodka, Rampant Raspberry Gin, Black Shuck Blush Gin– £8

Passionfruit Gin, Rhubarb Gin, Hoxton Gin and Elderflower Tonic – £8

Aperol Spritz
Aperol, Prosecco, Soda & Orange– £8

Twisted Pimm's Cup
Pimm's, Elderflower Gin, Ginger Ale– £8

Wells Crab House Mocktails

Lemon & Lavender Mojito
Lavender Syrup, Soda, Mint and Lemons – £3.50

Caribbean Sunset
Pineapple, Grapefruit, Orange, Passionfruit and Grenadine– £3.50

Flowering Passionfruit Fizz
Passionfruit and Hisbiscus Syrup with Lemonade– £2.50

Hedgerow Mocktail
Elderflower, Apple, Soda, Rhubarb and Mint – £4

Autumn Garden
Seedlip, Elderflower Tonic, Mint, Cucumber and Lime – £6

Selection of Gins