Selection of Gins

Wells Crab House Gins

A juniper adventure ....... enjoyed with Merchant Heart Spirit Enhancers or Franklin & Sons Tonics or Dutch

Local Gins from Norfolk & Suffolk

Archangel Gin -Walsingham
Rich,full bodied Gin containing 13 botanicals including hand harvested Norfolk juniper, sea buckthorn, angelica and holy water. – £6.25 (42.5%)

Archangel Rhubarb - Walsingham
Each batch is unique as the flavour profile of the rhubarb as it develops over the Summer. We filter twice but not too much! – £6 (24%)

Norfolk Black Shuck Gin- Fakenham
Uniquely combines Juniper, Coriander and Bitter Orange Peel with Norfolk's own Lavender and Sea Buckthorn– £6.25(43%)

Black Shuck Blush - Fakenham
Subtle and sophisticated. It's beautiful colour and enchanting flavours have been created naturally through the gentle infusion of real Summer fruits– £6.25 (41%)

Black Shuck Passionfruit - Fakenham
Distilled with botanticals including Passionfruit, Grapefruit, Elderflower and Lime Flower – £6.25 (43%)

WhataHoot Signature Dry - Flitcham
A refreshing and intense Gin of traditional botanicals with the iconic flavours of Lavender and Sea Samphire. – £6.75 (43%)

WhataHoot Tawny - Flitcham
A full strength Gin using the zestiest Oranges, local botanicals to create a zingy flavour.– £6.75 (40%)

Oakvilla Vryheid Full Bodied - Wymondham
Vryheid is Afrikaans for Freedon. Combining locally pickled poppies, elderflower, peppers, lemon rind and orange blossom.– £7 (44%)

Heart of Oak - Wymondham
From the heart of Nelson's County, the Gin is rested in ex-sherry oak casks. Over 12 botanicals such as juniper, orris root, pepper, Norfolk poppy, honey and sweet citrus– £7 (44%)

Bullard's Dry Gin - Norwich
Voted world's 'Best Dry Gin' is infused with Tonka beans and botanicals. – £6.75 (42.5%)

St Giles - Norwich
The 11 carefully selected botanicals which include rose petals, lemon grass and grains of paradise - are infused in our bespoke copper still by Head Distiller Pete Margree to this modern signature gin. – £6.75 (42%)

St Giles -Raspberry, Rhubarb & Ginger - Norwich
Using Norfolk fruit results in an eruption of flavour in this beautifully rounded Gin.– £6.75 (40%)

St Giles Diver's
Naval strength encapsulates the remarkably smooth flavour of Samphire, Seakelp and Cubeb Berries, resulting in a depth of pure flavour.– £7.25 (57%)

Heart of Suffolk Distillery - Ivy - Bacton
A new addition to this Suffolk Distillery. Nothing poisonous here! It has a beautiful warming taste with clove and cranberry undertones. – £6.75 (42%)

Sunfire- Dereham
Our premium Gin is lovingly handmade in very small batches in a traditional copper still, this allows us to ensure each batch is produced to the highest quality. This is the first spirit Sunfire Spirits distillery has ever produced. – £6.75 (42%)

Twelve Keys No 33- Norwich
Rich honey from our wild flower meadow combines with fig, caramalised quince, juniper, verdant basil and ripe apricot - creating an explosion of botanicals in this exceptional Gin.– £7 (46%)

Fishers - Albeburgh
Using rare botanicals foraged from the Suffolk Coast. , this is a premium and elegant Gin that blend's the sea with the coast. – £7.25 (44%)

Simon's Table Marmalade Gin Liquer - Diss
Made by infusing a London Dry Gin with Simon's Rich, Dark and Tangy Marmalade, producing an orange and zesty liquer – £5.75 (25%)

Tiny Tipples Elderflower - Lowestoft
The delicate flowers are infused for minimal time for a lovely fresh tipple. – £6.25 (35%)

Pell & Co Hibiscus Gin Liqueur- Norfolk Braods
A collabration with Redwell Brewery in Norwich. This Hibiscus Flower Gin Liqueur shimmers when shaken. Infused with hops and hibiscus to give notes of smooth floral and subtle light tones of citrus.. – £6.50 (37.5%)

Pell & Co Hopped Gin - Norfolk Broads
Infused with Cascade and East Kent Golding's hops and Norfolk Sugar beet, perfectly balanced with Lavender, Coriander, Macademia Nut, Seville Orange. A beautiful yet unusual hop combination. – £6.75 (45%)

Boadicea Gin - Beachamwell
Uniquely smooth- the spirit of the Iceni. First we create our spirit from the finest Norfolk barley and then redistil to vapour infuse a basket of the finest botanicals, including juniper, citrus and with a nod to the Iceni - nettle.– £6.75 (40%)

Boadicea Pink Gin - Beachamwell
Subtle notes of peach and cherry with a slight sweetness from the fruit. No additional sugar is added. On the palate you get tart and juicy notes from the cherry with plenty of puncy juniper and spice followed by the subtle sweetness from the peaches lingering on the finish.– £6.75 (40%)

From just outside of Norfolk

Pinkster - Cambridge
Is an agreeably British affair with Raspberries. Deliciously dry and smooth– £6.25 (37.5%)

Cambridge Hedgepig Wild Bullace & Quince - Cambridge
A fruit Gin liquer made with Suffolk quince and bullace foraged from the hedgerows of East Anglia– £6 (30%)

Aurora - Fenlands
London Dry Gin infused with a flower that turns it blue.– £6.25 (40%)

Further Away

Ryan Reynolds Aviation American Gin - Portland
Crafted with a blend of botanicals, elevated, yet smoother, subtle and balanced. A delicious Gin that can fly solo ot take and mixed drink to new heights. – £6.25 (42%)

Martin Miller's Gin - London / Iceland
Made with lemon and lime oil and classic botanicals, then balanced with icelandic spring water and a small amount of cucumber, this is a zesty gin with soft juniper and balanced citrus. – £6.10 (40%)

Nelson's Rhubarb & Custard Gin - Uttoxeter
Infusing fine and original botanicals from across the globe such as lemongrass and kaffirime leaves from Thailand , vanilla from Madagascar and cinnamon from Sri Lanka, then infused with a wonderfully natural rhubarb essense. The Madagascan vanilla really brings out the custard flavour- – £6.95 (41%)

Nelson's Timur Gin- Uttoxeter
– Timur has a unique aroma which is not hot or pungent like a pepper but has a slight grapefruit overtones and creates a tingly feeling in the mouth£6.95 (41%)

Muff Potato Gin- Ireland
Launched in February 2018, this popular gin is made from four different types of potatoes. Some of the botanicals are mandarin, rosemary, lemon and elderflower with a little champagne essence for a distinctive taste.– £6.75 (40%)

Hoxton Gin - London
Made using the finest French summer wheat and made naturally from ethinically sourced ingredients of coconut, grapefruit, iris, tarragon, ginger and juniper. Tropical Beach flavour in a glass. – £6.25 (40%)

Da Mhile Seaweed Gin - Llandysul, Wales
Triple filtered Welsh Gin that is infused with Newquay seaweed. A great pairing with Seafood and Oysters.– £6.50 (42%)

Hendricks - Scotland
A wondrous botanical signature consists of flowers, roots, fruits and seeds from the world over. They function to complement and set the stage for our delicious duet of infusion : rose petal and cucumber. – £6.25 (41.4%)

If you like a Gin we have a Shop that stocks some of the local Gins

Wells Crab House Gin Cocktail Menu and Mocktails

Cocktails all £8.50

Iceni Daiquiri
Boudiccea Gins - Passoa - Lime Juice - Sugar –

Hoot Espana
WhataHoot Tawny - Damson Gin - Cranberry - Orange - Red Wine

Hedgerow Cooler
Archangel Rhubarb–Hedgepig Quince & Wild Bullace- Tiny Tipple Elderflower - Whin Hill Apple Juice - Soda - Mint - Rhubarb

Captain's Sunrise
Amaretto - Dark Rum - Triple Sec - Orange - Grenadine

' Knight in Cider ' Tini
Whin Hill Apple Spirit - Wild Knight Vodka - Maple Syrup - Apple Juice

Jack's Aperol Spritz
Bourbon -Prosecco - Aperol - Soda

Angel of Cosmos
Archangel - Cointreau - Cranberry - Lime

Pineapple & Caramel Shucks
Black Shuck Gin & Vodka, Salted Toffee Liquer - Pineapple - Soda

Breakfast Negroni
Martin Miller's - Campari - Marmalade - Ophir - Ginger Ale

Wrong Island Iced Tea
Kraken - Rum - Lime - Ginger Ale - Mint

Caramel Espresso Martini
Nelson's Caramel Vodka - Chocolate & Coffee Liqueur - Hazelnut Syrup - Espresso

Blind Russian
Bailey's - Vodka - Coffee & Chocolate Liqeur

Norfolk Tuscan
Bullard's Dry - Aperol - Rosemary & Black Olive Tonic

Wells Crab House Mocktails

Basil & Raspberry Mojito
Basil Syrup- Soda- Mint - Raspberries.£4

Pineapple - Orange - Passionfruit - Grenadine£3.50

Flowering Passionfruit Fizz
Passionfruit - Hibiscus - Lemonade £3

Berry's Bee's Knees
Non Alcoholic Prosecco - Elderflower - Raspberries £4

Autumn Hedgerow
Elderflower - Apple - Soda - Rhubarb - Mint£4.00

Seedlip Garden - Elderflower Tonic - Mint - Cucumber - Lime – £6

Thai Beach
Seedlip Citrus - Lemongrass Syrup -Lime – Pink Peppercorn Tonic £6

Spiced Sangria
Seedlip Spice - Orange - Cranberry - Hibiscus Tonic - Fruit £6

Selection of Gins