Selection of Gins

Exciting Local Gins and some great examples from the Country.

Wells Crab House Gins

A juniper adventure ....... enjoyed with Merchant Heart Spirit Enhancers or Franklin & Sons Tonics or Dutch

Local Gins from Norfolk & Suffolk

Wells Crab House Crustacean Pot Gin - Wells / Fakenham
Voted world's 'Created by Black Shuck with our chosen Botanicals of Cherry, Mango, Vanilla & Nutmeg to create a beautiful fruity and refreshing Gin. – £6.25 (40%)

Archangel Gin -Walsingham
Rich,full bodied Gin containing 13 botanicals including hand harvested Norfolk juniper, sea buckthorn, angelica and holy water. – £6.25 (42.5%)

Archangel Rhubarb - Walsingham
Each batch is unique as the flavour profile of the rhubarb as it develops over the Summer. We filter twice but not too much! – £6 (24%)

Norfolk Black Shuck Gin- Fakenham
Uniquely combines Juniper, Coriander and Bitter Orange Peel with Norfolk's own Lavender and Sea Buckthorn– £6.25(43%)

Black Shuck Blush - Fakenham
Subtle and sophisticated. It's beautiful colour and enchanting flavours have been created naturally through the gentle infusion of real Summer fruits– £6.25 (41%)

Black Shuck Passionfruit - Fakenham
Distilled with botanticals including Passionfruit, Grapefruit, Elderflower and Lime Flower – £6.25 (43%)

WhataHoot Signature Dry - Flitcham
A refreshing and intense Gin of traditional botanicals with the iconic flavours of Lavender and Sea Samphire. – £7 (43%)

WhataHoot Tawny - Flitcham
A full strength Gin using the zestiest Oranges, local botanicals to create a zingy flavour.– £7 (40%)

Oakvilla Vryheid Full Bodied - Wymondham
Vryheid is Afrikaans for Freedon. Combining locally pickled poppies, elderflower, peppers, lemon rind and orange blossom.– £7 (44%)

Heart of Oak - Wymondham
From the heart of Nelson's County, the Gin is rested in ex-sherry oak casks. Over 12 botanicals such as juniper, orris root, pepper, Norfolk poppy, honey and sweet citrus– £7 (44%)

Bullard's Dry Gin - Norwich
Voted world's 'Best Dry Gin' is infused with Tonka beans and botanicals. – £6.75 (42.5%)

St Giles - Norwich
The 11 carefully selected botanicals which include rose petals, lemon grass and grains of paradise - are infused in our bespoke copper still by Head Distiller Pete Margree to this modern signature gin. – £6.75 (42%)

St Giles -Raspberry, Rhubarb & Ginger - Norwich
Using Norfolk fruit results in an eruption of flavour in this beautifully rounded Gin.– £6.75 (40%)

St Giles Diver's
Naval strength encapsulates the remarkably smooth flavour of Samphire, Seakelp and Cubeb Berries, resulting in a depth of pure flavour.– £7.50 (57%)

Heart of Suffolk Distillery - Ivy - Bacton
A new addition to this Suffolk Distillery. Nothing poisonous here! It has a beautiful warming taste with clove and cranberry undertones. – £6.75 (42%)

Sunfire- Dereham
Our premium Gin is lovingly handmade in very small batches in a traditional copper still, this allows us to ensure each batch is produced to the highest quality. This is the first spirit Sunfire Spirits distillery has ever produced. – £6.75 (42%)

Twelve Keys No 33- Norwich
Rich honey from our wild flower meadow combines with fig, caramalised quince, juniper, verdant basil and ripe apricot - creating an explosion of botanicals in this exceptional Gin.– £7 (46%)

Simon's Table Marmalade Gin Liquer - Diss
Made by infusing a London Dry Gin with Simon's Rich, Dark and Tangy Marmalade, producing an orange and zesty liquer – £5.75 (25%)

Tiny Tipples Elderflower - Lowestoft
The delicate flowers are infused for minimal time for a lovely fresh tipple. – £6.25 (35%)

From just outside of Norfolk

Pinkster - Cambridge
Is an agreeably British affair with Raspberries. Deliciously dry and smooth– £6.25 (37.5%)

Further Away

Pink Marmalade Gin - London
A dry, zesty, unmistakably premium gin- balancing organic botanicals, with a moment of colour - changing magic. When mixed with tonic it undergoes a natural colour change from cool blue to subtle rose pink with thanks to the rather magical 'Butterfly Pea Flower– £6.25 (40%)

RAUCOUS ROOSTER - Featuring bold notes of peach, grapefruit and liquorice or SOZZLED SOW - Featuring bold notes of Pear & Nutmeg.– £6 (40%)

Ryan Reynolds Aviation American Gin - Portland
Crafted with a blend of botanicals, elevated, yet smoother, subtle and balanced. A delicious Gin that can fly solo ot take and mixed drink to new heights. – £6.25 (42%)

Martin Miller's Gin - London / Iceland
Made with lemon and lime oil and classic botanicals, then balanced with icelandic spring water and a small amount of cucumber, this is a zesty gin with soft juniper and balanced citrus. – £6.10 (40%)

Nelson's Rhubarb & Custard Gin - Uttoxeter
Infusing fine and original botanicals from across the globe such as lemongrass and kaffirime leaves from Thailand , vanilla from Madagascar and cinnamon from Sri Lanka, then infused with a wonderfully natural rhubarb essense. The Madagascan vanilla really brings out the custard flavour- – £6.95 (41%)

Nelson's Timur Gin- Uttoxeter
– Timur has a unique aroma which is not hot or pungent like a pepper but has a slight grapefruit overtones and creates a tingly feeling in the mouth£6.95 (41%)

Hoxton Gin - London
Made using the finest French summer wheat and made naturally from ethinically sourced ingredients of coconut, grapefruit, iris, tarragon, ginger and juniper. Tropical Beach flavour in a glass. – £6.25 (40%)

Da Mhile Seaweed Gin - Llandysul, Wales
Triple filtered Welsh Gin that is infused with Newquay seaweed. A great pairing with Seafood and Oysters.– £6.50 (42%)

Hendricks - Scotland
A wondrous botanical signature consists of flowers, roots, fruits and seeds from the world over. They function to complement and set the stage for our delicious duet of infusion : rose petal and cucumber. – £6.25 (41.4%)

If you like a Gin we have a Shop that stocks some of the local Gins

Wells Crab House Gin Cocktail Menu and Mocktails

Cocktails all £8.50

The Italian
WhataHoot Tawny - Campari - Cloudy Lemonade –

Port Dougal
Archangel - Port - Brandy - Grapefruit

Whin Hill Damson Gin - Archangel Rhubarb Gin - Tiny Tipples Elderflower Gin - Elderflower Presse - Mint - Apple

Sunfire Blossom
Sunfire- Passoa- Red Vermouth - Orange Juice

Tio Pepe - Black Olive & Rosemary Tonic - Aperol

Crustacean Sunrise
Crustacean Pot Gin - Black Shuck Gin - Mango & Passionfruit - Egg White - Red Wine

Sloe Crab
Crustacean Pot Gin - Black Shuck Sloe Gin - Lime - Cranberry Juice - Hibiscus Flower

Toffee Espresso Martini
Black Shuck Vodka - Salted Toffee Liqueur- Chocolate & Coffee Liqueur - Hazelnut Syrup - Espresso

Wells Crab House Mocktails

Pineapple - Orange - Passionfruit - Grenadine£3.50

Flowering Passionfruit Fizz
Passionfruit - Hibiscus - Lemonade £3

Belle of the Ball
Non Alcoholic Prosecco - Elderflower - Raspberries £4

Summer Refresher
Elderflower Presse - Apple - Rhubarb - Mint£4.00

Seedlip Garden - Elderflower Tonic - Mint - Cucumber - Lime – £6

Citrus Jar
Seedlip Citrus - Mango Juice - Hibiscus Tonic £6

Spiced Sangria
Seedlip Spice - Orange - Cranberry - Fruit £6

Selection of Gins