Dressed carb, salad and new potatoes on plate

Our Monthly Menu – September 3rd – 7th October

To bait your appetite……………….

Symbols applied to suit Allergens and dishes will be adapted accordingly ….. G = No Gluten, D = No Dairy all other allergies can be catered for, just let us know on booking.

Natural Richard Loose Brancaster Oysters with Shallot Vinaigrette (G,D) &  : £2 Each or 6 for £10

Try with a Seaweed Gin or a Bloody Mary Shot – Both £4.50

Bloody Mary Prawns & Crayfish £4 (G, D), Smoked Eel £4, (G, D)/ Roll Mop Herrings £4 (G,D) / Lemon Octopus Tentacle Bites £4 (G,D), Breads with Cold Pressed Norfolk Rapeseed Oil & Balsamic £4(G,D) , Lime and Chilli Dressed Crayfish Tails £4(G,D) / Cockles with Cider Vinegar £4 (G,D)
Choose 4 for £14 – All Cold from the fridge

Casting Off

Salmon, Beetroot & Horseradish Cream Cheese Terrine with Caper berries and Granary Bloomer Bread : £8 (D & G)

Cajun Breaded Whitebait with Chipotle Chilli Aioli and Dressed Leaves: £8 (D)

Squid and Basil Beignets with Sicilian Lemon Pesto and Lemon Oiled Rocket: £8 (D)

Mackerel Fillet with Chilli & Sour Asian Salad: £7 (G, D)

Chickpea Rice Bites with Lemon and Cool Mint Dip : £7 (V)(VG)

Moroccan Kefta Meat Balls with Herb Butter:  : £8 (G, D adaptable)

Main Catch  

Frary’s Wells Dressed Crab  or Billy Ward’s Garlic Buttered Lobster with New Potatoes or Fries, Dressed Leaves, Homemade Pickles, Tomato and Bloomer Bread :  Crab :£15, Lobster : £20, Both : £28, Whole Lobster : £30 (G, D)

Chorizo, Red Pepper and Preserved Lemon Stuffed Plaice Fillets with Creole Smoked Shrimp, Chicken and Nduja Sausage Jambalaya: : £18 (G)

Gilt Head Bream Fillets with Crushed Thyme Potatoes, Fine Beans and Smoked Garlic Butter Sauce : £18 (G & D)

Honey, Garlic and Grapefruit Baked Swordfish Steak with Lemon, Potato, Spinach Sautè and Citrus Vinaigrette : £17 (G, D)

Spiced Seared Duck Breast with Curried Fruit and Lime & Coriander Black Rice: £18 (G & D)

Sweet and Sour Sticky Vegetable Stir Fry with Caramelized Soy Glazed Udon Noodles : £16  (V)(VG)(G adaptable & D) Add King Prawns :£19

We will also have Seafood Specials on the day too but can sell out fast….

Seafood Platters 

Our Platters are designed for one very hungry person or two to share with maybe extra sides and come with Potato Salad and  Dressed  Leaves….. All can be adapted for Non Gluten and Non Dairy

Crab: Frary’s Dressed Crab, Crevettes, Cockles, Crayfish Tails, Oak Smoked Salmon and Rollmops : £32,  Add a Half of Garlic Lobster: £10

Lobster : Billy Ward’s Garlic Buttered Wells Lobster, Crevettes, Cockles, Crayfish Tails, Oak Smoked Salmon and Rollmops : £45,  Add a Crab: £8

The Big One (for 2-4): Frary’s Dressed Crabs, Billy Ward’s Garlic Buttered Wells Lobster, Oak Smoked Salmon, Crevettes, Cockles, Crayfish Tails, Roll mops, Smoked Sprats, Smoked Trout, Smoked Eel : £70 or with 6 Oysters:£80

Bucket of Handcut Chips :£4 /Bucket of Bacon Dusted Fries :£4 /Side Salad :£4 /New Potatoes :£4 /Seasonal Vegetables :£4/ Bucket of Plain Fries: £3.50, Bucket of Sweet Potato Fries :£4

To Reel It In  – All £7

Peanut Butter Cheesecake with Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Blackberry & Apple Brulee with Raspberry Shortbread – G

Deconstructed Lemon Meringue Pie – G

Chocolate & Chilli Parfait with White Chocolate Sauce- G

Sherry Trifle

Norfolk Cheeseboard (G) – £10 (Order at the start if you want one at Room Temperature)

Selection of Norfolk Ice Creams & Sorbets – £1.60 a Scoop (G, D)

Bullard’s Strawberry & Pepper Gin Sorbet – £2 a scoop (3.7% abv)

Please note – Our desserts may change throughout the month

Wells Crab House Children’s Menu

Garlic Buttered Sour Dough Toast – £2

Crispy Fried King Prawns – £4 (DF)


Cold Oak Smoked Salmon with New Potatoes & Peas :£6.50 ( G & D)

Cheese & Tomato topped Flatbread with Fries & Salad: £6

Breaded Chicken Goujons with Fries and Peas : £7 (GF & DF)

Battered Fish ‘n’ Fries and Peas :£6.50

Seafood Platter – Crevettes, Crayfish, Rollmop, Salmon, Trout, Fries, Dressed Leaves and Bread : £8 (G & D available)


Chocolate Chip Cookie Chunks with Vanilla Ice Cream and White Chocolate Buttons – £3

Smarties Ice Cream Sundae with Chocolate Sauce – £3 (G)

Freaky Fish with Vanilla Ice Cream – £2 (GF & DF with Sorbet)