Covid-19 Safety

We have worked very hard to ensure we can comply with the government guidance and have made some necessary changes in order to keep you safe. We will however constantly adapt to the changing situation.

All guests over 16 years old are now required to Track and Trace.

Our table layout has been designed to enable you to remain socially distanced from other diners using screens where required to maximise our space in a small room. We have measured each space to ensure we are a metre plus for your comfort and wellbeing.
Our staff are available for all your needs so that you can remain seated as much as possible. We have only one entrance/exit into the restaurant so our team can advise if the coast is clear.

Bookings of Tables are only permitted as a maximum of 6 or two households as per current guidelines and a 6 can be made online, any larger than this then we will need your declaration that you are following the restrictions. We ask that if you know other guests in the restaurant that you please refrain from approaching their table whilst we manage the social distancing requirements.

Upon arrival at the restaurant you will be asked to sanitize your hands and be wearing a mask that securely covers your face and nose (unless you are exempt) when you are not seated at your table. There are multiple sanitiser stations for you and we ask that you sanitise your hands before entering our bathrooms which has a traffic light system in place for ladies and gents separately.

All payments are preferred to be contact-free, either via bank card, Apple pay or Samsung pay and our machine is sanitized between each user. We do accept cash but only new notes.

All our staff are used to following strict hygiene and safety measures but will obviously need to get a little closer to you when serving your meals and drinks. Do tell our staff if you wish us to remain further away and help us by passing plates or pushing your dirty glasses etc to the edge of the table.

Our staff will all be wearing face coverings, so we apologise if we have to talk louder to be heard.

You can be assured that our cleaning processes are at the highest level and all areas are being sanitized thoroughly between customers and our staff sanitize or wash their hands before, between and after each contact.
We are testing all our staff’s temperatures each day they work.

We can’t wait to welcome you back and see your wonderful smiley faces 🙂