Dressed carb, salad and new potatoes on plate

Wells Crab House Seafood Restaurant Menu plus our Specials…..


To Bait Your Appetite

Symbols applied to suit Allergens and dishes will be adapted accordingly ….. G = No Gluten, D = No Dairy

Natural Richard Loose Brancaster Oysters with Shallot Vinaigrette (G,D) &  : £2 Each or 6 for £10 – Try with our Seaweed Gin

Peppered Salmon Lollipops £3, (G)/ Roll Mop Herrings £3 (G,D) / Warm Olives £3 (G,D), Breads with Oil & Balsamic £3(G,D) ,
Lime and Chilli Dressed Crayfish Tails £3 (G,D) / Cockles with Cider Vinegar (G,D) : £3
Choose 4 for £10

Casting Off

Crab and Smoked Cheese Mornay Tartlet with Blakeney Leaf: £7

Tempura King Prawns with Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce and Pickled Ginger: £8 (G,D)

Mackerel, Horseradish and Caper Fishcakes with Taramasalata : £7

Prawn, Lemongrass and Coconut Soup with Roast Chillies: £7 (G,D)

Sweet Pickled Bream with Sundried Tomato, Olive, Fresh Basil and Blakeney Leaf Salad: £7 (G,D)

Rabbit and Calvados Terrine with Poached Gooseberries and Melba Toasts : £8 (G,D)

Polenta Chips with Saffron and Mascarpone Mushrooms : £7 (V)

The Main Catch 

Frary’s Wells Dressed Crab or Billy Ward’s Steamed Half Garlic Buttered Lobster with New Potatoes or Fries, Dressed Blakeney Leaves, Homemade Pickles and Bloomer Bread: Crab: £15 Lobster: £19 Both : £29 (G,D) (We may experience a shortage of Lobster in July)

Chalk Stream Trout Fillet with Roast Artichokes, Crushed Potatoes and Anchovy and Rosemary Hollandaise : £18 (G, D)

Whole Baked Plaice with Fine Beans, Herbed New Potatoes and Crab Butter: £16 (G, D)

Sri Lankan Crab Curry with Tempered Greens, Jasmine Rice and Cucumber, Coriander and Pineapple Salsa : £16 (G, D)

Chorizo stuffed Cod Fillet Wrapped in Parma Ham with Salt and Vinegar Mash and Herbed Cream Sauce : £17 (G)

Chicken Breast with Black Pudding Hash, Wilted Baby Spinach, Broad Beans and Muscat & Tarragon Sauce: £17 (G)

Sage and Walnut Risotto with Brie Crust and Crispy Capers: £15 (V) (G)

Fish Specials also available on our oars

Seafood Platters

Our Platters are designed for one very hungry person or two to share with maybe some extra sides and come with Potato Salad and Dressed Blakeney Leaves….. All can be adapted for Non Gluten and Non Dairy

Crab Platter: Dressed Frary’s Crab, Crevettes, Cockles, Crayfish Tails, Peppered Salmon Lollipop, Roll mop Herring: £28

Smoked Platter: Prawns, Trout, Spratts, Smoke Infused Crayfish Tails, Oak Smoked Salmon, and Eel: £27

Lobster Platter: Buttered Wells Lobster, Crevettes, Cockles, Crayfish Tails, Peppered Salmon Lollipop, Roll mop Herring: £40

The Big One:  Buttered Wells Lobster, Dressed Crab, Kiln Smoked Salmon, Crevettes, Cockles, Crayfish Tails,
Roll mop Herrings, Smoked Prawns, Smoked Trout, Salmon Peppered Lollipop: £65 or with 6 Oysters:£75

Bucket of Handcut Chips :£3 Bucket of Bacon Dusted Fries :£3 Side Salad :£3 New Potatoes :£3 Seasonal Vegetables :£3

We have separate Non Dairy and Non Gluten Menus available

To Reel It In

Drambuie Chocolate Charlotte with Coffee Bean Sauce: £8
Norfolk Lavender Brulee : £7 (G)
Baked White Chocolate Cheesecake with Summer Fruit Compote: £7
Peanut Butter Parfait with Peanut Brittle and Berry Gel: £6 (GF)
Eton Mess: £7 (G, D)

Selection of Ronaldo’s Norfolk Ice Creams and Sorbets and Dairy Free & Vegan Ice Cream…please ask for today’s choice. : £1.60 Per Scoop

East Anglian Cheeseboard with Crackers, Chutney, Fruit and Celery :£8 (GF)

Add a glass of Dessert Wine : From £3.50  or a  Port from our Selection starting from ….£2.95 50ml
Or Ask for our Whisky Selection

Hot Beverages

Leaded or Unleaded Cafetiere : £2 per person
Tea : £1.60 per person : Herbal Teas – Green, Peppermint or Fruit : £1.80
Barista Coffees – Americano : £2.25, Cappucino : £2.25 Large £3, Latte : £3, Espresso : £1.60 Dbl : £3
Hot Chocolate : Plain : £2.60 , Marshmallows : £3, Shot of Jim Bean Maple :£4.25, Mocha – £3
Liquer Coffees all £4.50 : Irish, Scottish, American, French, Calypso, Carribean, Italian, Seville

Wells Crab House Children’s Menu

Cheeseburger with Bacon Dusted Fries :£6

Sausage with Egg, Fries & Peas: £6

Chicken Goujons with Fries and Peas : £6

Penne Pasta Pomodoro : £5.50 With Crab : £8

Fish’n’ Chips & Peas :£6

Seafood Platter – Crevette, Crayfish, Rollmop, Salmon Lollipop, Potato Salad, Dressed Leaves and Bread : £7