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We are currently on our Winter Break and this Menu Starts February 2nd in the evening from 6pm


To Bait Your Appetite

Natural Richard Loose Brancaster Oysters with Shallot Vinaigrette : £2 Each or 6 for £10

Peppered Salmon Lollipops £3 / Roll Mop Herrings £3 / Warm Olives £3, Breads with Oil & Balsamic £3 ,
Lime and Chilli Dressed Crayfish Tails £3 / Cockles with Cider Vinegar : £3
Choose 4 for £10

Casting Off

Crab & Sweetcorn Chowder with Bloomer Bread : £7
Seared Scallops with Parsnips, Broccoli Gel, Pomegranate and Hazelnuts : £9
Mackerel Pate with Kibbled Onions, Pickled Courgettes and Sour Dough: £7
Crab Ragout Cannelloni with Crispy Capers : £8
Tempura King Prawns with Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce and Pickled Ginger Shreds : £8
Rabbit Hotpot with Peppered Kale : £7

Hot and Sour Mushroom Soup with Glass Noodles and Cashew Tuille : £7 (V)

The Main Catch

Frary’s Dressed Wells Crab or Billy Ward’s Steamed Half Lobster with New Potatoes or Fries, Dressed Leaves Salad, Homemade Pickles and Bloomer Crab: £14 – Lobster : £18 – Both : £28
Beer Battered Fish of the Day with Handcut Chips, Crushed Peas, Dressed Leaf and Tartare Sauce: £14
Turbot Fillet with Roast Cauliflower, New Potatoes, Kale and Dill & White Wine Sauce: £19
Seabass Fillet with Crab, Leek, Chilli and Tarragon Fettuccini : £17
Gurnard, Clam, Crayfish and Coriander Ramen with a Beetroot Egg: £16
Guinea Fowl Supreme with Pistachios, Pancetta, Sage, Kale, Salsify and Parisienne Potatoes: £18
Celeriac and Herb Tartlet with Broccoli,  Roast Shallots and Charred Leeks : £15 (V)

T Bone Steak with Spiced Sweet Potato Wedges, Blue Cheese Cauliflower and Broccoli Gratin, Potted Shin of Beef and Southern Fried Soft Shell Crab : £40 (Served Medium Rare and 24 hours notice required)

Fish Specials also available on our oars

Seafood Platters

Our Platters are designed for one very hungry person or two to share with maybe some extra sides and come with Potato Salad and Dressed Leaves…..
Dressed Wells Crab, Crevettes, Cockles, Crayfish Tails, Peppered Salmon Lollipop, Roll mop Herrings : £27
Smoked Platter: Prawns, Trout, Haddock Pate, Smoke Infused Crayfish Tails, Oak Smoked Salmon and Eel :£27
Buttered Wells Lobster Platter, Crevettes, Crayfish Tails, Cockles, Peppered Salmon Lollipop : £39
The Big One Buttered Wells Lobster, Dressed Wells Crab, Kiln Smoked Salmon, Crevettes, Cockles, Crayfish Tails, Roll mop Herrings, Smoked Prawns, Smoked Trout, Salmon Peppered Lollipop: £60 and add 6 oysters :£70

Bucket of Handcut Chips :£3 Bucket of Bacon Dusted Fries :£3 Side Salad :£3 New Potatoes :£3 Seasonal Vegetables :£3

To Reel It In

Mint Chocolate Mousse with Whiskey Toasted Oats, Caramel Crisp and Strawberry & White Chocolate Crumb : £7

Coffee Delice with Tobacco Infused Panna cotta: £6 (GF)

Blood Orange Posset with Pineapple Salsa, Cinder Toffee and Tuille: £7

Rhubarb Parfait with Lemon & Lime Crumble and Popping Candy : £6 (GF)

De Nata with Cinnamon Brown Sugar and Candied Almonds : £7

Selection of Ronaldo’s Norfolk Ice Creams and Sorbets…please ask for today’s choice. : £1.60 Per Scoop

East Anglian Cheeseboard with Crackers, Chutney, Fruit and Celery :£8

Add a glass of Dessert Wine : From £3.50  or Taylor’s Ruby Port….£2.95 50ml
Or Ask for our Whisky Selection

Hot Beverages

Leaded or Unleaded Cafetiere : £2 per person
Tea : £1.60 per person : Herbal Teas – Green, Peppermint or Fruit : £1.80
Barista Coffees – Americano : £2.25, Cappucino : £2.25 Large £3, Latte : £3, Espresso : £1.60 Dbl : £3
Hot Chocolate : Plain : £2.60 , Marshmallows : £3, Shot of Jim Bean Maple :£4.25, Mocha – £3
Liquer Coffees all £4.50 : Irish, Scottish, American, French, Calypso, Carribean, Italian, Seville

Wells Crab House Children’s Menu

Cheeseburger with Bacon Dusted Fries :£6

Sausage with Egg, Fries & Peas: £6

Chicken Goujons with Fries and Peas : £6

Penne Pasta Pomodoro : £5.50 With Crab : £8

Fish’n’ Chips & Peas :£6

Seafood Platter – Crevette, Crayfish, Rollmop, Salmon Lollipop, Potato Salad, Dressed Leaves and Bread : £7